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Get Freebies on Craigslist Posted by on Mar 9, 2017

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Hybrid cars of 2017 Posted by on Feb 22, 2017

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Web Conferencing Posted by on Feb 18, 2017

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How Some Companies Are Lowering Hearing Aid Prices Posted by on Feb 20, 2024

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Advantages of server hosting in a data center

Jun 01, 22 Advantages of server hosting in a data center

Posted by in Technology

Blog provided by Electric Kitten When you host your servers in a data center, you get access to a wide range of benefits that can improve your business. Here are some of the top advantages: Security – Data centers provide around-the-clock security, ensuring that your servers are safe from theft or damage. They also have strict access controls in place, so only authorized personnel can enter the facility. This helps keep your data safe and secure. A further benefit is that your organization also has many of the pre-requisites for the security components of various international standards and audit requirements immediately and at no additional cost to maintain or manage. Reliability – Data centers are designed for high availability, meaning your servers will always be up and running. They have multiple power sources and cooling systems in place, so you can rest assured knowing your business is always online. These redundant resources are monitored around the clock, with sub millisecond changeover times for systems like power and cooling. Scalability – When you host your servers in a data center, you can scale up or down as needed depending on traffic demands or seasonal changes. This flexibility allows you to grow with your business without having to worry about server capacity constraints. Want more servers? The data center can spin up as many virtual servers as you need in a moment’s notice. By outsourcing your company’s IT needs to a third-party provider like server hosting Los Angeles, you can save money and ensure that your data is much more...

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What is a VPS?

Apr 10, 22 What is a VPS?

Posted by in Technology

Blog provided by Electric Kitten A virtual private server (VPS) is a type of hosting where you can purchase a portion of a physical server, essentially making it your own. This gives you the ability to install and run your own software, including custom configurations and applications. How does a VPS differ from a VM? A Virtual Machine abstracts the hardware and runs an operating system on each virtual machine. While a VPS is often a single Operating System that runs containers that abstract the OS making it seem like each VPS has its own OS. There are many reasons why someone might choose to use a VPS: for example, if you need more control over your hosting environment than what’s offered by traditional shared hosting plans; if you have specific compliance requirements that preclude using public cloud services; or if you want to set up an isolated development or testing environment without having to invest in hardware and infrastructure. When choosing a VPS provider, it’s important to consider factors such as price, features offered (including operating system options), bandwidth and storage quotas, customer support quality, and the company’s reputation. If you need LA colocation or dedicated server provider you can trust, contact Electric Kitten today. They’ve provided reliable web hosting services for almost two decades. If you are in the Southern California area, give them a call at 877-821-HOST or email them at...

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Famous People Who Struggled to Get Started

Mar 22, 22 Famous People Who Struggled to Get Started

Posted by in Business Services

Lots of people have done this. At some point in their lives, their business failed. Or they found themselves in the middle of an ugly divorce that tore apart their family life. Sometimes when everything that can possibly go wrong, does, we feel like throwing in the towel and just quitting. And often, this is exactly what people do…they give up on themselves and on life. They stop trying to create abundance. Walt Disney started out as a commercial artist, forming a company called, “Iwerks-Disney Commercial Artists.” His company failed, but Disney loved animation and kept working in the field. Eventually, he opened his own animation company which was very successful, but he was not good at managing finances and finally had to declare bankruptcy. After this devastating failure, he joined forces with his brother Roy, and moved to Hollywood to produce cartoons for movie studios. In spite of multiple failures and bankruptcy, Disney kept moving forward, doing what he loved. Eventually, he developed a character named, “Mickey Mouse” and the rest is history. No one is ever 100% successful at everything! Sometimes our worst failures are the beginning of a whole new and incredible career. Don’t camp out at your failures! Don’t build an altar to them where you moan, cry and refuse to move forward. You failed! So what? Get up and get going again as soon as possible on the road to create abundance. You only lose the game if you stop playing. Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue offers some help. The book is for individuals who want to live a life of abundance. Learning to meditate is one of the useful suggestions. This is beneficial for everyday anxiety. This book’s advice can help you stay focused on running your...

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Electronics Financing Deals for Cyber Monday

Blog provided by Curacao Cyber Monday is the time of the year for online deals and savings. However, when shopping online, not every customer may want to pay for electronics in full. You might want to look for electronics financing or installment plans for these popular products. Televisions High-definition TVs can be worth thousands of dollars when not on sale, so any chance to get a discount on the latest televisions from Samsung, LG, or Sony can be a worthwhile opportunity. Desktop Computers Whether you need a desktop for office work or gaming, there is usually a range of prices available to you. You’ll usually need to pay top dollar for the most hi-tech machines, and Cyber Monday can be a good way to get one at a more affordable price. Smartphones If you’re due for an upgrade, Cyber Monday is a perfect time to find great deals on the latest smartphones, such as the iPhone 11, Samsung Galaxy, and the Google Pixel. Mobile providers such as T-Mobile and retailers such as Curacao will both give you installment plan options for phones. Game Consoles The world’s most powerful game consoles such as Playstation 4 and Xbox One Series X can be at your fingertips with the right buy now pay later deal. It’s usually better to finance consoles at retailers rather than rent-to-own centers. Home Audio High-end audio products for home theaters and playing music are also excellent choices for product financing. Take a Bluetooth speaker home today and enjoy its benefits while paying monthly installments. Curacao Credit offers easy electronics financing, even if you have a low credit score. Curacao’s interest beat guarantee makes our store card rates the best in the business. Bring in any lower interest rates from our competitors and we won’t just match them. We’ll beat...

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How cleaning your furniture helps prevent the spread of COVID-19

Jul 17, 20 How cleaning your furniture helps prevent the spread of COVID-19

Posted by in Health

Blog provided by Wicker Paradise Even before the current pandemic, cleaning your furniture was a healthy practice that helped prevent the build-up of dirt, dust, and other materials that attract germs and allergens, which cause disease and discomfort. With the advent of COVID-19, it has become much more crucial to clean and disinfect your often-used furniture, since the coronavirus has been known to live on common household surfaces. According to the research, the virus can stay on surfaces such as metal for 5 days and on wood for 4 days. The virus can also stay on surfaces such as plastic and stainless steel for 2 to 3 days. Because of this, it is crucial to clean and disinfect your indoor and outdoor furniture regularly. Cleaning removes dirt and other materials that attract germs, but disinfecting is necessary to kill any germs left after cleaning. Cleaning can be done with a sponge or cloth dipped in a soap and water solution, while disinfecting should be done with potent germ-killing solutions that can get rid of the coronavirus on contact. The EPA has a list of disinfectants effective against the coronavirus, while the CDC also has directions for making homemade disinfectant solutions out of water and bleach or alcohol. Be sure to stay safe and follow the instructions as you keep your house and furniture clean and healthy. If you need any new indoor or outdoor wicker furniture during this time, Wicker Paradise is still available to meet all of your wicker furniture needs. Order online or set up an appointment by phone...

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Importance of Colocation

Sep 10, 19 Importance of Colocation

Posted by in Web Development & Hosting

Colocation allows you to store your equipment in a secure data center with a public IP address, bandwidth, and power supplied by the service provider to your server. According to Rack Alley, colocation has proven to be quite beneficial for various businesses of all sizes. With the help of colocation, small businesses can obtain needed features of a large IT department without the capital investment. Moreover, medium to large sized enterprises can expand their infrastructure capacity without any additional costs. LA Colocation offers to provide the following: All colocation data centers have a well-developed network that ensures that an uninterrupted business is provided to the customers. It also provides an improved network security by preventing any unauthorized access to the customer’s systems. Colocation also offers electricity supply through multiple power grids, diesel power generators, double battery backup systems and excellent maintenance practices. The colocation can also accommodate heavy traffic without any additional investments. Moreover, due to distribution of data spikes across various users, the bandwidth costs are considerably reduced. Colocation allows the expansion of your infrastructure that is required according to the company’s continuous growth. You can expect to get significant cost savings as compared to the in-house data center. It could prove to be extremely beneficial for companies that can easily rent out a space for their data center, which could reduce the overall budget of a company. Colocation allows you to move your equipment to an offsite facility with increased capacity and performance, while ensuring a smooth cloud...

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Inefficient Ways to Use Your Command Center

Feb 16, 19 Inefficient Ways to Use Your Command Center

Posted by in Technology

Summary: A command center is designed to help your employees work more efficiently but improper use can do just the opposite. Command centers are highly sophisticated systems that a company can invest in to help with some of their daily operations. Although the stations have been designed to make the organization more efficient, there are still ways the organization can use them improperly. Too Much Multitasking A simple way you could be ineffectively incorporating your command center workstation into your business is by having your employees multitask too much. Researchers have studied the human mind to gain a better understanding of how people work best. The resulting studies have shown that multitasking is an inefficient way to operate. If an employee of yours is switching between working on the LCD video wall, working through spreadsheets, and sending emails throughout the say, said employee is constantly redirecting their attention. If each employee has too many roles to switch between, you run the risk of each employee not being able to work deeply on a given task. To minimize errors and help each employee work better and faster, create an environment that promotes this kind of behavior. Not Enough Communication Depending on your setup, your organization’s command center could have several people operating it at once. Much like a team sport, a group of people working together to achieve a similar goal requires clear communication. A sophisticated system from will not be of much use if the employees operating it are unable to work together. Voicing concerns, calling out signals, and keeping everyone on the same page can do wonders for your...

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