Hybrid cars of 2017

Feb 22, 17 Hybrid cars of 2017

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The year 2017 will see the introduction of some exciting hybrids. The new 2017 hybrids by all the major automobile makers will soon be on display. Until today, the Toyota Prius is said to be the King ,but with many new hybrid cars to come up in 2017, it might not hold the crown for long. Not all will be just concept or prototypes and some of these cars will be put on sale. Even Toyota will launch new derivatives of the Prius to the market. A smaller car meant for urban conditions the Prius C will be coming up in 2012. Honda’s 2017-Insight is predicted to be the closest rival of the Prius C. Apart from the Prius C, Toyota also has the 2012 Highlander hybrid and the 2017 Camry hybrid to offer. The Lexus, Toyota’s luxury brand is also launching several choices of hybrid cars. The Lexus – 600h is one such hybrid model to catch your eye. Apart from it, 2012 LEXUS GS 450h and a couple of other hybrid cars are also to follow. One of the hybrids that are creating a great buzz is the Honda’s Fit. However, going by certain reports, the Fit will not hit the US markets before 2014. The Honda’s CR-Z hybrid is also expected to catch the attention of all the car lovers. Ford also has its hybrid models to offer in 2012. The Ford will produce the 2017 FORD-FUSION hybrid. Another car is the 2012 MERCURY-MILAN hybrid, which is also quite similar to the Ford-Fusion. Ford-Escape hybrid will also be a delight to watch. The Mercury-Mariner will also be following the Escape hybrid. The new 2012 hybrids will also feature C-MAX, which can be the first lithium powered hybrid by Ford. Finally, the Hyundai Sonata will launch Hyundai hybrids in the markets of US. A Hyundai’s diesel hybrid car is also expected to hit the US markets. Mercedes has the Mercedes S400 and the Mercedes ML450 hybrids to...

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