Is Satellite Internet the Best Choice for RVers?

Aug 11, 22 Is Satellite Internet the Best Choice for RVers?

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Are you planning to take a road trip through the most remote nature spots in the country? Or have you decided to upend your life and live your life on the road from now on? While taking in the wonders and comforts of nature and rural America, you may need some access to reliable Internet for rural areas. Internet access will allow you to stay connected with your friends and family and stay educated about the world around you. However, finding Internet access that covers you in the most remote areas may prove a challenge for some RVers. Finding the best rural Internet service provider may seem like a tall order, but a few options consistently rank high. Satellite Internet service providers such as Viasat or Xfinity are popular choices because of their ability to provide coverage nearly anywhere in the world. The use of satellites orbiting the earth gives the best satellite Internet service providers a larger reach than any other type of rural internet service provider. However, this impressive, innovative use of technology still comes with a few downsides that customers should be aware of before choosing satellite Internet. First, satellite Internet can be very spotty when it is used in the presence of obstructions. Trees, hills, and other unseen obstructions can interfere with your Internet connection when you need it the most. Secondly, satellite Internet often comes with high latency and data caps. If you do remote work in your RV, you may prefer a mobile Internet service provider such as UbiFi. Companies like UbiFi use cell towers to provide unlimited 4G rural Internet with low data caps. You may prefer UbiFi over Viasat if you enjoy gaming or prefer doing work in your...

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