Inefficient Ways to Use Your Command Center

Feb 16, 19 Inefficient Ways to Use Your Command Center

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Summary: A command center is designed to help your employees work more efficiently but improper use can do just the opposite. Command centers are highly sophisticated systems that a company can invest in to help with some of their daily operations. Although the stations have been designed to make the organization more efficient, there are still ways the organization can use them improperly. Too Much Multitasking A simple way you could be ineffectively incorporating your command center workstation into your business is by having your employees multitask too much. Researchers have studied the human mind to gain a better understanding of how people work best. The resulting studies have shown that multitasking is an inefficient way to operate. If an employee of yours is switching between working on the LCD video wall, working through spreadsheets, and sending emails throughout the say, said employee is constantly redirecting their attention. If each employee has too many roles to switch between, you run the risk of each employee not being able to work deeply on a given task. To minimize errors and help each employee work better and faster, create an environment that promotes this kind of behavior. Not Enough Communication Depending on your setup, your organization’s command center could have several people operating it at once. Much like a team sport, a group of people working together to achieve a similar goal requires clear communication. A sophisticated system from will not be of much use if the employees operating it are unable to work together. Voicing concerns, calling out signals, and keeping everyone on the same page can do wonders for your...

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