Power Wherever You Are

Apr 12, 17 Power Wherever You Are

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Getting it to start the first time is always a problem many aircraft and marine mechanics face, especially when dealing with older craft and more power sensitive vehicles. However, with the advent of modern technology in battery pack design, many of the problems faced by mechanics decades ago are now problems best left in history books. With powerful lithium gpu or ground power units, starting a big vessel or powerful turbine helicopter is as easy as a snap and click. With lithium technology present in modern 28 volt battery pack systems, you can have the same amount of starting power and capacity as that of a large array of lead acid batteries at a mere fraction of the weight and bulk. Gone are the days of lead acid water testing, specific gravity balancing, and cell-cycling, as these new self-contained lithium cells are maintenance free and need no outside intervention. Checking up on the lithium cells are as easy as clicking a test button on your power pack and the cells are individually tested and health state reports are either shown on an LED panel, or LCD screen. Using these self-contained systems also allows for minimal user intervention during cycling and battery balancing so you can spend less time worrying about your power pack, and more time working on more important things. Charging lithium technology battery packs are also as simple as plugging them into a mains outlet and allowing the computer controlled charger to fully charge and maintain the lithium batteries....

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