Inefficient Ways to Use Your Command Center

Feb 16, 19 Inefficient Ways to Use Your Command Center

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Summary: A command center is designed to help your employees work more efficiently but improper use can do just the opposite. Command centers are highly sophisticated systems that a company can invest in to help with some of their daily operations. Although the stations have been designed to make the organization more efficient, there are still ways the organization can use them improperly. Too Much Multitasking A simple way you could be ineffectively incorporating your command center workstation into your business is by having your employees multitask too much. Researchers have studied the human mind to gain a better understanding of how people work best. The resulting studies have shown that multitasking is an inefficient way to operate. If an employee of yours is switching between working on the LCD video wall, working through spreadsheets, and sending emails throughout the say, said employee is constantly redirecting their attention. If each employee has too many roles to switch between, you run the risk of each employee not being able to work deeply on a given task. To minimize errors and help each employee work better and faster, create an environment that promotes this kind of behavior. Not Enough Communication Depending on your setup, your organization’s command center could have several people operating it at once. Much like a team sport, a group of people working together to achieve a similar goal requires clear communication. A sophisticated system from will not be of much use if the employees operating it are unable to work together. Voicing concerns, calling out signals, and keeping everyone on the same page can do wonders for your...

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Making the Most of Your Commutes to and From Work

Nov 12, 18 Making the Most of Your Commutes to and From Work

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Summary: If you commute to and from work you can multitask to stay productive. Delivering a product or service that is of high quality can attract new customers and keep existing ones coming back. When you are running a business you need to think carefully about how you use your time. Most people need to commute to and from work. This “idle” time can oftentimes be viewed as unproductive but there are a number of ways you can make the most of your commute. If you want to stay busy and turn your morning and afternoon commutes to and from the office you can explore a few different options. Podcasts and Audiobooks No matter if you drive, cycle, or ride public transportation to work, there is still time for you to learn. Podcasts and audiobooks are easy to download on your phone, so you can learn while on-the-go. There are podcasts and audiobooks on various interesting topics. Whether you are listening to something related to your line of work or a captivating fictional story, you can continue to learn and keep your mind stimulated. Head-start on Work If you take the train or use ride-sharing services for your commute you can use the travel time to get started on some work. You can respond to emails directly from your phone or use it as a wifi hotspot for your laptop or tablet. Working during the commute might not be ideal but it can decrease the amount of work you have to do either at the office or at home. Even if you only have half an hour to work during your commute each day, these small bits of time can ultimately add up to a lot of time at home for other things. Blog submitted by Constant Technologies, Inc.: If you are interested in operations center furniture or need command center consoles for your organization, head to Constant Technologies, Inc. to explore their command center workstation...

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Outdoor Cooling Tips

Dec 23, 17 Outdoor Cooling Tips

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When it’s time to set up tents and other details for your outdoor event, you need to think about ways to keep vendors and guests from overheating. One of the outdoor cooling options to consider is portable AC units. These can be set up on tables around the outdoor event so that the air circulates from one area to another. Portable units are often smaller than a standard air conditioner but cool a significant space the same as a large unit would. Evaporative coolers are also an option. These are fans that are set up to blow across a filter that has water inside. As the water is cooled from the fan, the air in the area will begin to cool. This is an option to consider if you’re in a dry environment. Standing fans can also be used in conjunction with the coolers as a way to circulate more air through tents and buildings that are set up at the event. If there is a secure ceiling in the tent or venue, then you can use ceiling fans. Before setting up for the festival, try to position tents and buildings in areas where there isn’t as much asphalt says MovinCool. The material can radiate heat, making guests and vendors feel hotter than what they already feel from the air temperature. Try to set up the event in shaded areas as well. Misters are also an option and come in various sizes so that people can hold them when they are participating in selling or special events at the...

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The Determining Factors of Command Center Contractors

Dec 15, 17 The Determining Factors of Command Center Contractors

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Summary: Finding the right contractor for a command center is dependent on not just one factor but a wide array of them. One of the most crucial aspects of building a command center from the ground up is hiring the right contractor that offers his services at the right price. Additionally, you’ll also want to ensure that his experience within the field far surpasses other companies that you can find at a cheaper rate. As the saying goes: you get what you pay for. Reputation One common misconception that people tend to believe is that you can only find reviews on the Internet. Well, this is true as most people like to look online for any reviews they can find before they hire the contractor, or company. However, you can also contact the contractor directly and ask him for references from companies or other professionals that he’s worked with. If the contractor specializes in only video wall systems for example, and you’re looking for an entire reconstruction of your command center, it’d be wise to seek out additional contractors to handle the other aspects as you might not get what you’re looking for. Check the Website Most contractors tend to obtain work based on word of mouth or just by simply advertising themselves. There are those in some cases that have websites up and running for clients to look at. If they do have it, check their portfolio and jot down a list of clients that the contractor has worked with. You can go as far as to call the previous companies that the company’s worked with and determine the pros and cons. For instance, say you’re look at and you wanted to know how their previous projects were when it came to the framework. You’d go ahead and look at their past clients that they’ve worked with and reach out to them if you can. It never hurts to try and ask how the service was and whether or not it’s worth...

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How Bluetooth Technology is Spurring the Growth of Mobile Apps, Digital Wallets, and More

Nov 09, 17 How Bluetooth Technology is Spurring the Growth of Mobile Apps, Digital Wallets, and More

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Summary: The power of Bluetooth technology is expanding further than anyone imagined, and could start playing a huge role in mobile payment processing. Ever since Apple decided to part ways with the headphone jack and instead opt for their Lightning connector, it was met with much criticism at the get-go. However, due to this, there has been much speculation that wired peripherals were heading out the door in favor of newer technologies. Companies like Samsung and Apple are two of the growing number of smartphone manufacturers that are beginning to utilize Bluetooth technology to drive their technology. Before you know it, Bluetooth will become a force that affects everything from how one listens to music to even purchasing items through a mobile app. Bluetooth Accessories It’s already been made possible to transfer money digitally via Bluetooth. Now, merchants were slow to use this technology primarily because it’s expensive to make the switch. However, after the necessary adjustments were made, along with the rise of smartphones over the years, Bluetooth technology is really starting to pick up steam. It’s paved the way for a wide array of peripheral devices including mobile payment systems and card readers. Bluetooth and WiFi are two devices that work well within the restaurant and retail sector. By utilizing two devices in-sync with each other, an order can be taken from a restaurant, for example, and the other can process the payment. By working in tandem with one another, the entire process is expedited. The possibilities are endless, and with the power of Bluetooth leading the way, it’ll only get better from here. The Rise of Digital Wallets Another payment vehicle that’s also doubling down on Bluetooth technology is the digital wallet. By utilizing this technology, it’ll help the wallet make the payment to a retailer, restaurant or other sector. Additionally, these digital wallets are starting to accept a growing number of currencies all around the world – hence it’s exponential growth. Don’t rule out the idea of travelers only carrying...

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The Rise of Automation Within the Aviation Industry

Oct 16, 17 The Rise of Automation Within the Aviation Industry

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Summary: With such a dramatic shift towards automation within a variety of industries, how does this affect the field of aviation as many know it today. Nowadays, automation is being prioritized over time. Aviation requires sophisticated computer programs that are able to manage a large number of aircraft systems that assist pilots in their flights by adjusting autopilot limitations for example. In the future, it wouldn’t be necessarily surprising to see automation becoming more and more common to minimize human error. However, the downside to this is that it would require flawless programs as computer errors can lead to catastrophic events in the case of a simple miscalculation or error – which is why humans and machines coexist and work interdependently. Maintenance and Flight Also, the communication between the pilot and computer systems may be increased as software development continues to improve. Certain planes have computer warnings that appear in a special format that the first officer must decipher. Rather than going through this trouble, an optimized system may utilize a different approach that focuses on simple warnings that are much easier to understand. It can also play a large role in the maintenance area as well. For instance, if aircraft maintenance equipment were needed in a certain area, an automated response could be provided to the maintenance team to notify them of this event. Orders and Processing Furthermore, there is a potential to see a dramatic increase in automation within the orders and processing unit of a company itself. For example, if a company were to receive a large shipment of power supplies and other types of equipment, the designated system would automatically direct the cargo truck to the appropriate warehouse or loading dock. It can also assist the company in managing each order as it comes in and goes out. Blog submitted by Start Pac: For aircraft maintenance equipment such as 24 volt power supply units, turbine starting equipment, and more, visit the experts at Start Pac...

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