What Portable Battery Charger is Right For You?

Jun 27, 17 What Portable Battery Charger is Right For You?

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Summary: Portable battery chargers are a must for today’s high-powered smartphones. With the heavy reliance of smartphones in today’s culture, having a low battery is more than just a mere inconvenience. Let’s say you’re in the middle of reading important emails and you forgot to bring your charger. You’re straight out of luck. Enter the portable battery charger. Now, these chargers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and configurations all promising to keep your phone charged “longer than the leading competitor”. But how do you choose perfect model out of a sea of identical products? Breaking Down Capacity When considering a charger, you’ll need to zone in on the most important specifications: the capacity, the amount of voltage it’ll pump out, and the portability. The more capacity the charger has, the larger it’ll likely be – similar to a 24 volt power supply utilized in the aircraft industry. While it might be ideal for a tablet, if you’re only looking for a quick 2-hour boost, you’ll likely choose something that can fit in your pocket or purse. A battery’s capacity is expressed in milliamp hours (mAh). The larger the device, the higher the built-in batteries’ capacity is – due to the fact that they draw in a large amount of power. Depending on what type of device you’re using it for, you’ll likely be able to make a judgment call on what will work best for you. Remember, always temper your expectations and keep an eye on manufacturer claims – you should never expect them to fulfill their promise. Start Pac, an experienced portable power supply manufacturer, offers the best ground power unit...

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How Console Systems and Furniture Pieces are Keeping Up With the Times

Jun 26, 17 How Console Systems and Furniture Pieces are Keeping Up With the Times

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Summary: The advancement in technology has led to significant changes in console construction. Console systems have significantly evolved over the past decade to accommodate all the new and exciting technologies. A much simpler and more streamlined console system is now possible because of fewer appliance and the utilization of racks to essentially hide excess components. Console Developments The design process of a console system requires the company to invest a significant amount of time analyzing and understanding the customer’s needs. For instance, what is the functionality of the system? Is there an emergency operations center design that needs to be prioritized? What equipment is going to go into the console? Furniture systems need to be designed to address day-to-day operational tasks and maintain the flexibility to accommodate extra operators when it comes to a crisis situation. While technology will change in the upcoming years, consoles will usually stay in place for over a decade – and most people overlook this. Constant Technologies, Inc. an established global solutions company, integrates customized display wall solutions and technology furniture from the floor up to meet your needs and specifications. Ergonomics Additionally, there are other factors to consider when designing consoles – such as the human factor. The ergonomics of console design plays a crucial role in the comfort and health of the operator. The primary monitor should be placed in a relaxed position to avoid neck and eye strain. When an operator looks downwards, his or her eyelids are partially shut, avoiding dry eyes over long periods of...

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An In-Depth Understanding on the Various Models of Turbine Engines

May 19, 17 An In-Depth Understanding on the Various Models of Turbine Engines

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Summary: Turbine engine systems have come a long way since they were first developed. One of the most commonly used propulsion systems in the aviation industry is the aircraft turbine engine. Now, these engines vary in design, with each having its own requirements for maintenance and aircraft engine overhaul. This guide is designed to detail all the specifics of each type of turbine engine so you can thoroughly differentiate one from another. The Turbojet Engine One of the most simplest forms of aircraft turbine engines, the turbojet consists of four sections: the compressor, combustion chamber, turbine section, and exhaust. Now, turbojets were developed prior to World War II in Germany and England. When the gas turbine start up process begins, air is passed through the combustion chamber at lightning fast speed where the fuel inlet and igniter is located. The turbine then causes thrust from the accelerated gases creating a whirlwind. The Turboprop Engine Turboprops drive propellers through a reduction gear, which essentially provides optimal propeller performance even at slower rpm speeds. What this means is that fuel efficiency substantially increases, as well as performance at slow airspeeds. Most small commuter aircrafts like cargo planes and agricultural machines utilize these engines. The propellers tend to function at a lower efficiency as the speed increases, making them ideal for planes that do not require a vast amount of speed. The Turbofan Engine The turbofan is essentially a combination of both the turbojet and turboprops best features. The engine diverts a secondary flow of air around the combustion chamber, which creates an additional thrust. Now, these engines are the most modern versions of aircraft turbine engines and are often found in fighter planes and aircraft that require high-speed transport. They continue to be technologically advanced as new inventions come in, but they still perform their duty admirably – as opposed to having a plane that requires a constant ground power unit on hand at every stop. The Afterburning Turbojet These engines are predominantly found in fighter...

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Power Wherever You Are

Apr 12, 17 Power Wherever You Are

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Getting it to start the first time is always a problem many aircraft and marine mechanics face, especially when dealing with older craft and more power sensitive vehicles. However, with the advent of modern technology in battery pack design, many of the problems faced by mechanics decades ago are now problems best left in history books. With powerful lithium gpu or ground power units, starting a big vessel or powerful turbine helicopter is as easy as a snap and click. With lithium technology present in modern 28 volt battery pack systems, you can have the same amount of starting power and capacity as that of a large array of lead acid batteries at a mere fraction of the weight and bulk. Gone are the days of lead acid water testing, specific gravity balancing, and cell-cycling, as these new self-contained lithium cells are maintenance free and need no outside intervention. Checking up on the lithium cells are as easy as clicking a test button on your power pack and the cells are individually tested and health state reports are either shown on an LED panel, or LCD screen. Using these self-contained systems also allows for minimal user intervention during cycling and battery balancing so you can spend less time worrying about your power pack, and more time working on more important things. Charging lithium technology battery packs are also as simple as plugging them into a mains outlet and allowing the computer controlled charger to fully charge and maintain the lithium batteries....

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Deciding Whether or Not a Refurbished Smartphone Is In Your Best Interest

Apr 11, 17 Deciding Whether or Not a Refurbished Smartphone Is In Your Best Interest

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Written by: Omar Amanat Summary: Smartphones are all the rage today. But, if you want a deep discount, you could consider buying a refurbished phone as an alternate investment. The concept of purchasing used or refurbished cell phones can either be a match made in heaven or fill you with the unfulfilling feeling of not having a brand new smartphone in your hand. So, is purchasing a “revived” smartphone actually worth it? Here are some opinions that will help you lean towards buying or passing on a refurbished model. The Right Time to Buy a Refurbished Cell Phone As you may already know, refurbished phones are obviously sold at a discounted rate. A used cell phone will almost always be cheaper than a new cell phone. If it’s not, well, you’re being scammed. Remember, in the world of consumer electronics, you get what you pay for. If paying for something that someone else already used and then returned, a second-hand phone will come with a relatively steep price drop. Another reason why a refurbished phone might right for you is the eco-friendly nature of making this decision. And, you can never go wrong when it comes to karma points. Another particular reason you might want to invest in a refurbished phone is when your old model crashes and dies. Sure, it may be out of style, but it’s the model that you’ve learned to love and created a special bond over time. And, purchasing a new one would just sever the relationship you had with that specific model. When Buying Refurbished Phones Goes Wrong If you’re the type of individual that upgrades to the newest model every year or so to reap the benefits of the newest features, buying a refurbished phone may not be in your best interest. Even if your purchase feels relatively new, it may not be fulfilling enough for you to be satisfied with your purchase. And, there’s nothing like going into a store and unboxing a “sterile” smartphone straight...

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Get Freebies on Craigslist

Mar 09, 17 Get Freebies on Craigslist

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Article written by Cscl2002 If you love getting free things, then you should find out how to get freebies on Craig’s list. Everyday people post information on the website that they want to sell, exchange or give away. You can use Craig’s List to post free classified ads for home improvement, cars, pets and job opportunities. The company offers sites in over 450 countries worldwide. When you’re searching for freebies, the first thing that you should do is go to “Craigslist.org” and click on the country, city and state hyperlinks where you live. You will be directed to a web page with all of the classified ads on it for the city that you chose. Scroll down the web page until you see the category “For Sale” and then click on the “Free” hyperlink. After the results page loads, you can either browse the list that’s shown on the page or use Craig’s List search tool to help you locate a specific item that you’re searching for. Simply, type the keyword in the search box and click the search button when you are done. If you see something that interests you, click on the title of item to learn more about it. Craig List will display a description about the item and the donor’s contact information. Look for the donor’s telephone number or email address near the top of the web page that you are viewing. It’s up to you to make arrangements with the donor to pick up the free item that they are giving away. Meet in a public place and during the daytime, whenever possible. If you have to pick up the free item from someone’s home, may certain that you arrive there during the daytime and always bring someone with you. Be sure to read the “Help” section on the website to get general information on how to use the website to submit and reply to a post. It’s also advisable to read the “Avoid Scams & Fraud” section for...

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