Get Freebies on Craigslist

Mar 09, 17 Get Freebies on Craigslist

Article written by Cscl2002

If you love getting free things, then you should find out how to get freebies on Craig’s list. Everyday people post information on the website that they want to sell, exchange or give away. You can use Craig’s List to post free classified ads for home improvement, cars, pets and job opportunities. The company offers sites in over 450 countries worldwide.

When you’re searching for freebies, the first thing that you should do is go to “” and click on the country, city and state hyperlinks where you live. You will be directed to a web page with all of the classified ads on it for the city that you chose. Scroll down the web page until you see the category “For Sale” and then click on the “Free” hyperlink. After the results page loads, you can either browse the list that’s shown on the page or use Craig’s List search tool to help you locate a specific item that you’re searching for. Simply, type the keyword in the search box and click the search button when you are done.

If you see something that interests you, click on the title of item to learn more about it. Craig List will display a description about the item and the donor’s contact information. Look for the donor’s telephone number or email address near the top of the web page that you are viewing.

It’s up to you to make arrangements with the donor to pick up the free item that they are giving away. Meet in a public place and during the daytime, whenever possible. If you have to pick up the free item from someone’s home, may certain that you arrive there during the daytime and always bring someone with you.

Be sure to read the “Help” section on the website to get general information on how to use the website to submit and reply to a post. It’s also advisable to read the “Avoid Scams & Fraud” section for your safety.