What to do before an EDI implementation

Jan 04, 19 What to do before an EDI implementation

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Whenever you have a large project deployment or implementation on the horizon, it is important to take stock of steps you need to take beforehand. Here are three important steps before an EDI implementation: Step 1 Catalog all existing software developed in-house or a by a third-party that does not have built-in or plugin based support from the EDI software. In each of these cases, an adaptor or integration module will need to be developed so that it can interface. However, if the communication is solely with the ERP, then that application can be ignored. Step 2 Look at any upcoming changes to company structure or procedures, especially those that will impact trading or financial transactions. Often, companies make the decision to go ahead and then introduce a structural change that impacts the project. Changes like that can cost a lot of time, money, along with potential opportunity costs. Step 3 Finally, locate vendors who will support all stages of the integration with the EDI software. All vendors should supply primary focal points who will coordinate with the integration team and make the necessary changes. When no vendor exists for an application, then look at replacement immediately to prevent any delays. Article by Act Data Services, Inc. 1-800-ACT-DATA. Grow your organization and access bigger markets with EDI software from Act...

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Tips for Succeeding as a Freelance Animator

Jan 04, 19 Tips for Succeeding as a Freelance Animator

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Summary: Freelance animation can give you more flexibility than working in a traditional studio. Keeping some guidelines in mind can improve your chances of getting work regularly. Freelance work is popular because of all of the freedom it gives people. Although freelance work may seem appealing, there are some big disadvantages that could steer you away. A major downside of freelance work is the fact that your work is not always guaranteed. Since a freelance animator’s paycheck likely arrives after a project has been completed, your ability to consistently get projects depends on how well you work. Never Stop Learning Technology is constantly evolving. New software, new techniques, and new tools are coming out quite regularly. Even if you do not intend to use every new tool that comes out, you should at least try to keep up to date with what is going on. You may stumble upon something that can improve your workflow, whether that be video wall integration for reviewing rough cuts or finding a plugin that helps you get your ideas out much quicker. This can give you a competitive edge over other animators searching for clients. Be Flexible One of the most important parts about doing work for someone else is creating something that the client is pleased with. Big businesses like ConstantTech.com need to be able to work to meet their customers’ needs. Similarly, if a client of yours wants you to make revisions to fit what they had in mind, you should be able to revisit the work to create a product they are satisfied with. A happier client will be more likely to recommend you to other potential...

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The Pros and Cons of in-house vs. outsourced EDI systems

Apr 08, 18 The Pros and Cons of in-house vs. outsourced EDI systems

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There are so many options when you consider your EDI implementation that the entire process can become overwhelming. To make the comparison easier, Act Data Services, Inc. 1-800-ACT-DATA has put together a list of the pros and cons of staying in-house or outsourcing the project: In-house The pros of keeping it in-house revolve around control. You have control of the entire system and can decide and implement changes as you see fit. You can also execute those changes faster since you don’t need to go through a third-party. Also, you will be the point of contact for any issues. On the other hand, this will involve a significant staffing requirement with expertise in EDI, communication, and business systems. Along with the control, you will also get the responsibility for all maintenance, downtime, and issues. When something goes wrong, the buck will stop with the internal team. Outsourced Going with an EDI outsource operation means you give up control of the system to a third party. Also, you will have some issues when you want to switch to another company, as the migration process is non-trivial. On the positive side, you don’t have to worry about any of the technical issues or requirements. You will always have access to the latest systems. Also, the outsourcing company will have all the expertise you need to get the operation running smoothly. Ultimately the decision rests on your requirements. However, for companies starting out on EDI or those who don’t have a large trading volume, outsourcing is the better...

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The Determining Factors of Command Center Contractors

Dec 15, 17 The Determining Factors of Command Center Contractors

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Summary: Finding the right contractor for a command center is dependent on not just one factor but a wide array of them. One of the most crucial aspects of building a command center from the ground up is hiring the right contractor that offers his services at the right price. Additionally, you’ll also want to ensure that his experience within the field far surpasses other companies that you can find at a cheaper rate. As the saying goes: you get what you pay for. Reputation One common misconception that people tend to believe is that you can only find reviews on the Internet. Well, this is true as most people like to look online for any reviews they can find before they hire the contractor, or company. However, you can also contact the contractor directly and ask him for references from companies or other professionals that he’s worked with. If the contractor specializes in only video wall systems for example, and you’re looking for an entire reconstruction of your command center, it’d be wise to seek out additional contractors to handle the other aspects as you might not get what you’re looking for. Check the Website Most contractors tend to obtain work based on word of mouth or just by simply advertising themselves. There are those in some cases that have websites up and running for clients to look at. If they do have it, check their portfolio and jot down a list of clients that the contractor has worked with. You can go as far as to call the previous companies that the company’s worked with and determine the pros and cons. For instance, say you’re look at ConstantTech.com and you wanted to know how their previous projects were when it came to the framework. You’d go ahead and look at their past clients that they’ve worked with and reach out to them if you can. It never hurts to try and ask how the service was and whether or not it’s worth...

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How Bluetooth Technology is Spurring the Growth of Mobile Apps, Digital Wallets, and More

Nov 09, 17 How Bluetooth Technology is Spurring the Growth of Mobile Apps, Digital Wallets, and More

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Summary: The power of Bluetooth technology is expanding further than anyone imagined, and could start playing a huge role in mobile payment processing. Ever since Apple decided to part ways with the headphone jack and instead opt for their Lightning connector, it was met with much criticism at the get-go. However, due to this, there has been much speculation that wired peripherals were heading out the door in favor of newer technologies. Companies like Samsung and Apple are two of the growing number of smartphone manufacturers that are beginning to utilize Bluetooth technology to drive their technology. Before you know it, Bluetooth will become a force that affects everything from how one listens to music to even purchasing items through a mobile app. Bluetooth Accessories It’s already been made possible to transfer money digitally via Bluetooth. Now, merchants were slow to use this technology primarily because it’s expensive to make the switch. However, after the necessary adjustments were made, along with the rise of smartphones over the years, Bluetooth technology is really starting to pick up steam. It’s paved the way for a wide array of peripheral devices including mobile payment systems and card readers. Bluetooth and WiFi are two devices that work well within the restaurant and retail sector. By utilizing two devices in-sync with each other, an order can be taken from a restaurant, for example, and the other can process the payment. By working in tandem with one another, the entire process is expedited. The possibilities are endless, and with the power of Bluetooth leading the way, it’ll only get better from here. The Rise of Digital Wallets Another payment vehicle that’s also doubling down on Bluetooth technology is the digital wallet. By utilizing this technology, it’ll help the wallet make the payment to a retailer, restaurant or other sector. Additionally, these digital wallets are starting to accept a growing number of currencies all around the world – hence it’s exponential growth. Don’t rule out the idea of travelers only carrying...

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Important EDI considerations when choosing an ERP

Nov 08, 17 Important EDI considerations when choosing an ERP

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As any business grows, its needs become more complex and simple accounting packages just don’t do enough. The next step for organizations that experience rapid growth is an evaluation of their current ERP offering. More often than not, a decision to upgrade to a more functional ERP system follows. However, there are other considerations, like integration with existing systems like your EDI service bureau. The process of choosing an ERP system is critical. For example, one decision is in the level of integration the ERP will have with your EDI system. Since an ERP system is a software application, it can theoretically integrate with any other system. However, there is the ability to integrate, and then there is native integration. Native integration is the best option by far. When you use other means of integration, there is a possibility of data corruption in transit. Also, if one of the two systems changes in any way, the integration software will need to be updated. With native integration, there are no such issues. The only other considerations are how you host the new systems and how they will interface with the existing systems. Vendors like Act Data Services, Inc. 1-800-ACT-DATA are experts in EDI integration and provide any information you will need for your project. Contact your EDI vendor and discuss any potential ERP changes to ensure that there are no issues going forward. It is absolutely critical that any new ERP works well with the existing EDI...

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