What to do before an EDI implementation

Jan 04, 19 What to do before an EDI implementation

Whenever you have a large project deployment or implementation on the horizon, it is important to take stock of steps you need to take beforehand. Here are three important steps before an EDI implementation:

Step 1

Catalog all existing software developed in-house or a by a third-party that does not have built-in or plugin based support from the EDI software. In each of these cases, an adaptor or integration module will need to be developed so that it can interface. However, if the communication is solely with the ERP, then that application can be ignored.

Step 2

Look at any upcoming changes to company structure or procedures, especially those that will impact trading or financial transactions. Often, companies make the decision to go ahead and then introduce a structural change that impacts the project. Changes like that can cost a lot of time, money, along with potential opportunity costs.

Step 3

Finally, locate vendors who will support all stages of the integration with the EDI software. All vendors should supply primary focal points who will coordinate with the integration team and make the necessary changes. When no vendor exists for an application, then look at replacement immediately to prevent any delays.

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