Two competing technologies for goal confirmation

Apr 08, 18 Two competing technologies for goal confirmation

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Ever since referees ruled against the goal that took England out of the World Cup in 2010, the sport ignored calls for the introduction of technology that would assist referees when there was some doubt. That is until now. There are several trials ongoing that look to explore the possibility of introducing goal-line technology to the sport. Here are two of the technologies under review: The first is a system known as HawkEye, which is similar to the system in both Tennis and Cricket which uses multiple cameras to track the location of the ball in real-time. The cameras will track the location of the ball near and in the goal post at all times. When there is a controversial goal-line incident, the referees can ask for confirmation of the goal from the system. If the ball crosses the plane of the goal completely, the system can provide confirmation The other system uses a completely different approach to ball tracking. The goal will require a series of wires to form a magnetic field within the area. The ball will contain wiring that disrupts the magnetic field. When the ball is within the magnetic field of the goal in its entirety, the system can confirm that it is a goal. Like the above, there are several systems in trial which will go a long way towards removing controversy from the game, allowing players and fans to focus on what really matters. Written by Soccer Garage. Buy soccer balls for cheap or any other soccer gear from one of the largest collection of soccer equipment online at Soccer...

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