Famous People Who Struggled to Get Started

Mar 22, 22 Famous People Who Struggled to Get Started

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Lots of people have done this. At some point in their lives, their business failed. Or they found themselves in the middle of an ugly divorce that tore apart their family life. Sometimes when everything that can possibly go wrong, does, we feel like throwing in the towel and just quitting. And often, this is exactly what people do…they give up on themselves and on life. They stop trying to create abundance. Walt Disney started out as a commercial artist, forming a company called, “Iwerks-Disney Commercial Artists.” His company failed, but Disney loved animation and kept working in the field. Eventually, he opened his own animation company which was very successful, but he was not good at managing finances and finally had to declare bankruptcy. After this devastating failure, he joined forces with his brother Roy, and moved to Hollywood to produce cartoons for movie studios. In spite of multiple failures and bankruptcy, Disney kept moving forward, doing what he loved. Eventually, he developed a character named, “Mickey Mouse” and the rest is history. No one is ever 100% successful at everything! Sometimes our worst failures are the beginning of a whole new and incredible career. Don’t camp out at your failures! Don’t build an altar to them where you moan, cry and refuse to move forward. You failed! So what? Get up and get going again as soon as possible on the road to create abundance. You only lose the game if you stop playing. Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue offers some help. The book is for individuals who want to live a life of abundance. Learning to meditate is one of the useful suggestions. This is beneficial for everyday anxiety. This book’s advice can help you stay focused on running your...

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